Butterfly, Dazed & Confused June 2012

Dazed Digital: What 5 things would you take into outer space?
Elza Luijendijk:
 My friends, my family, my heels, a photographer and his camera

DD: Where is your favourite place on earth?
Elza Luijendijk: 
Lanzarote, because it’s always hot and sunny and it’s such a beautiful island! I hope I get to shoot in Lanzarote at least once!

DD: How was the shoot you did for the issue with Robbie Spencer and Ben Toms? Do you have a favourite memory from it?Elza Luijendijk: The shoot was amazing! I loved the team and I loved the butterflies!

DD: What’s been the greatest thing that’s happened to you since you started modelling?
Elza Luijendijk: So many great things have happened! I met my best friend, who is also a model. And I met so many amazing people! I have enjoyed every model moment in my life so far! Working with creative people, walking huge shows, shooting beautiful editorials.

DD: Tell us something we wouldn’t expect of you…
Elza Luijendijk: I love to design clothes. I like to design bags and shoes and I also love to customize clothes!

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