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Hello dear readers of the blog ‘Milou et Milou’!

My name is Anouk Schouten and I would like to introduce myself!
I am a 14 years (15 in December) young girl from the Netherlands. I love sporting, skating, shopping, chilling with friends, laughing, everything about beauty & fashion and last but not least, food! I’m also font of pictures from weheartit.com. So I think you’ll find some nice quotes and pictures at every blog of mine. ;)

I also do some modelwork since a few months and I really enjoy it! I am a new face of the Dutch modelagency Micha Models. The upcoming time you’ll find some posts from me on this blog J I will talk about fashion, beauty, and about photoshoots which I’ve done. So here is my first blog! Have fun! 

Today I want to tell you something about a shoot, which was one of my first shoots. You can relate that that was pretty awesome! We had a great time, the weather was amazing and it was at Scheveningen beach, such a beautiful location. We had a great team, the photographer, Jamie de Leeuw, is really talented and made great shots! The beautiful MUA was done by Chanel Hinterholzer and the awesome and vintage styling by Tamara Callendar. Here are some backstage photos and some results! 

Check out http://jamiedeleeuw.com/summer-of-93 for more pictures of the shoot and more work from Jamie de Leeuw!

Lots of love,

‘Follow your passion, and success will follow you.’

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