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Hello lovely followers of Milous blog.

My name is Laura and I am 16 years young. I’m addicted to fashion, make-up and music.
I go to the same school as Milou. What I really love to do when I have free time is upgrading my tumblr, reading tons of blogs, hanging with friends, shopping, and going out. I will be writing new articles once a week.

Well, my first article will be about a webshop I really like. It’s called Gina Tricot. This webshop is from Sweden, it’s established in the year 1997 and already has 175 shops in five countries. I know this webshop only recently, but I am totally in love! It’s absolutely my style, a bit tomboy, but with a sparkle of femininity. It sells pretty basic clothes, but also some eye catching things. But for a really good price and they upgrade their shop almost every week!

To introduce this webshop to you. I made 3 outfits you can wear to certain events:

Burgundy sweater: €14,95 – Camouflage skinny: €39,95 – Black spiked bracelet: €7,95 – Black high heels: €49,95 – Nail polish: €3,95

The first outfit is pretty casual, but the high heels are making it so much more wearable to an event.

The second outfit is more for work or a press event. When I think of a work outfit I see a very grayish colors, that’s why I put this outfit together:
White blouse: €29,95 – High waist skinny: €29,95 – Metallic blue heels: €19,95 – earrings: €14,95 – Bracelets: between a price of €7,95 and €14,95

And last but not least:

Boyfriend blazer: €39,95 – Burgundy fake leather skinny: €59,95 – White printed t-shirt: €19,95 – Studded boots: €49,95 – Bone bracelet: €12,95 – Spiked bracelet: €9,95

This is an everyday outfit what I definitely would wear to school or when I am going to shop.

What’s so unfortunate about this webshop is that you can’t buy sneakers, the forwarding charges are really high (read: €5,90) and the products that are sold out aren’t coming back to the webshop.

Overall I really like this shop, because it’s well paid for the stuff you get and it’s also really fashionable.

I hope you all like my first ever written article and you will continue to read the upcoming articles.

Loves Laura.

P.S. If you want to follow me on tumblr, there you go! http://naturel-au.tumblr.com/

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